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Interested in becoming a Blue Elephant Supplier?

If you'd like to know more about becoming a Blue Elephant supplier in the UK or would like to order from us in Bulk then simply fill in the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you about your enquiry.

Retailers that stock Blue Elephant  around  the world

Would you like to request product samples?

Our £10 Exotic product bundle includes;

1 x 70g Curry Paste

1 x 110g Curry Jar

1 x Cooking Kit

1 x Cooking Sauce

Our £20 Royal product bundle includes;

1 x 70g Curry Paste

1 x 110g Curry Jar

1 x 220g Curry Jar

2 x Cooking Kit

1 x Cooking Sauce

1 x Coconut Milk tin 

1 x Dressing Sauce

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About Us

As the UK Distributor of Blue Elephant Thai Premium we are passionate about bringing high quality brands and products from Asia to the UK which is what led us to becoming the UK exclusive distributor for the prestigious Blue Elephant brand.


A husband and wife team who have a passion for travelling around the world and tasting different and unique flavours of Asia. When we travelled to Thailand and our trip comes to an end we would fly back home to the UK and attempt to recreate these mouth watering Thai dishes. However, it is almost impossible to recreate all of the authentic flavours without the same fresh ingredients that are grown on the rich soils of Thailand. 

We saw this as a great opportunity to introduce the brand that we love ourselves here to the UK. Here we are three years later with the exclusive rights of Blue Elephant in the United Kingdom, bringing you a range of heritage Thai cooking to your homes to recreate for your own friends and family, experiencing intricate Thai recipes with step by step instructions to make the perfect dish. Taking a moment to close your eyes and have a taste of Thailand again.

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