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Thai Massaman Curry Sauce 300ml



Premium quality Ready made Massaman Curry Sauce. Made from fresh high quality ingrediants from Thailand as part of the Royal Thai Project where organic ingredients are selected to make each individual packet of curry sauce. This curry sauce is vegan friendly.


You will find that our allows you to create the most delicious authentic homemade Thai curries without the faff. Simply cook your veg or meat of choice and pour in the sauce, that's it!


Providing you and your family with a healthy, nutritous and delicious meal. You will find on the back of the packet, a step by step recipie on how to make the Thai Massaman Curry and the additional ingrediants you will need to buy, some of which are available as part of our range of products. There is also a QR code which takes you to a quick easy to follow video to help make your curries perfect to your liking.


The Massaman Curry sauce does has a  spice level of 2 out of 5.


Happy cooking!

Serves 2 people

Thai Massaman Curry Sauce 300ml

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  • Ingredients 

    Coconut Milk 53.0%, Sweet potato 13.0%, Water 12.5%,
    Massaman curry paste 9.0%, Shallot 3.0%, Coconut Sugar 3.0%,
    Fully refined soybean oil 2.0%, Tamarind paste 2.0%, Sugar 1.0%,
    Massaman curry powder 0.5%, Salt 0.4%, Cinnamon 0.3%, Star
    anise 0.2%, Cardamom 0.05%, Bay leaves 0.05%.

    Free from all additives, artificial colours, preservatives GMO and MSG.

  • Coriander powder paired with the earthy cumin form the backbone of the savory blend. On top of it, the cardamom contributes to herbal
    sweetness while the nutmeg brings warming sweetness with a strong floral element. The star anise and cinnamon powder pair carries a sweet, warming spiciness that complement each other. For more warmth and savor, the clove and bay leaf couple also plays a key role. A layer of complexity is also added with ginger that provides harmonious zesty notes and lemongrass that powerfully enhances floral citrus.

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